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What is the Mercedes Benz Emissions Scandal?


The Emissions Scandal or ‘Dieselgate’ centres around the levels of NOx (Nitrogen oxide) emitted from diesel engines. The KBA (German Federal Motor Transport Authority) found that Daimler, the owners of Mercedes, had used a ‘cheat device’ in some of their diesel engines which falsely reduced the NOx emissions during testing to meet EU regulatory requirements.

While you may have purchased or leased your car believing it to be more environmentally friendly, once on the road, these cars were anything but. Not only do these levels not comply with EU regulations but increased NOx emissions have been linked to both global warming and health issues, including damage to the lung tissue, breathing and respiratory problems.

If you owned or leased a diesel Mercedes Benz between 2008 and 2018, you could be eligible to join the claim. 


Continuing its quest to represent the rights of individual consumers against large corporations that may have wronged them, Johnson Law Group is bringing a group claim against Mercedes Benz over the alleged ‘defeat devices’ installed in its diesel engines to cheat the EU emissions tests.

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